speedpainting again20 minutes and a screencap of scott from the pilot


speedpainting again
20 minutes and a screencap of scott from the pilot

*two female characters talk to each other*
me: *raises head hopefully*
me: *goes on high alert for potential lesbians*

for a sec there i thought u meant irl and i was like OH MY GOD WHERE ARE YOU?!

believe all the shit you hear about New York, kids

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This dude just got his arm fuckin rIPPED OFF and he’s talking about Plato’s theories what kind of anime did I sign up for

I can’t even tell if this anime is good or not but it says a LOT of interesting things about ableism and the future and also it’s dubbed on Netflix so I can watch it

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Black | Zuhair Murad - Resort 2015
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things said in majority of movies:

  • "she’s not just some girl!"
  • "I should have told you this a long time ago."
  • "I’m not a little girl anymore!!"
  • "but I love him!!"

-“You’re giving up your dream!”
  “No dad, I’m giving up YOUR dream.”

"I knew your father. He was a good man."

*girl walks downstairs*

Guy: Wow… you look… great.


This only ever happens to Amy Santiago.

you’re gonna be okay.

you’re gonna be okay.

Do you ever read a fic that you love so much it stays with you, but then you lose it forever and ever? ):

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