If you feel the need to actually make Stiles a kitsune instead of just being possessed by one I will line your path with upside down Legos and then make you walk to the library to research reasons why it’s ignorant and fuckin racist to have teenaged white bread be a nine tailed kitsune.



the fact that people have so much empathy for derek becoming human against his will and still judge scott for being upset when he was turned into a werewolf against his will is really starting to grate on me

except let’s see, Scott gained lacrosse abilities, got rid of his asthma, got the girl of his dreams, is able to heal from nearly any injury, and just overall became physically better. The only downside was he needed to learn control. We know that because Brett is a werewolf who plays lacrosse and he never had a problem on the field did he?

Derek turning into a human - we don’t even know if he can. As far as we know, Derek will die once he loses all his powers - its been proclaimed by Lydia that he is dying. If he does manage to turn into a human and live, then he loses everything he ever had and gains absolutely nothing.

So yea, I have empathy and compassion for Derek becoming human. I have understanding that Scott can be upset about becoming a werewolf but when it comes with so many benefits he doesn’t get much of my concern.

this is a joke, right? Or like, you watched an edited version of season one? Because there’s no way we watched the same show. Otherwise you wouldn’t have missed:

-Scott being attacked without his consent, having absolutely NO CHOICE in something that would drastically change his entire life

-having to experience being hunted like an animal. Finding the girl of your dreams becomes a little less than picture perfect when it turns out that her family thinks you should be exterminated and they almost succeed in doing it, don’t you think?

-being stalked, terrified, and threatened by the monster that alpha!Peter was, which included nearly being forced to kill people under his influence.. I think waking up covered in blood might count as a downside, yeah? Or how about the night Peter almost made Scott murder his best friend and girlfriend? That register as a bummer at all? How about when Peter cornered Scott in the locker room and forced his own traumatic memories of being burned alive into him?

-throw in the overwhelming knowledge that everyone you care about- and plenty of other people as well- are in danger and giving up any chance of a normal, happy life to keep them safe. Sure Scott gets better at lacrosse, but he doesn’t exactly get to enjoy it much and even tries to give it up. And all of this is making it really hard to stay a good student, as if getting into college isn’t hard enough without precious study time being taken away by getting stabbed, shot, poisoned, tortured, impaled….

-sure, he gets cool powers and a healing factor, but when their greatest benefit is that they keep him from getting killed on a day to day basis they don’t seem like a lot of fun.

And this is just barely scratching the surface. But no, Scott’s lycanthropy doesn’t come with any downsides at all.


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They h u r t themselves

Without control, violence—extreme violence—is inevitable


Polaroid snapshots c.1973-74 © Walker Evans


make me choose -asked by anon: scallison season 2 or season 1

there’s no such thing as  f a t e    

                        there’s no such thing as  w e r e w o l v e s